Thursday, February 4, 2010

Found a Giant Crystal In DarkFall

Exploring around DarkFall hunting for mobs and metal nodes to kill or harvest, I came across this giant crystal! At first I thought it was a giant metal node... but unfortunately you can't mine from this sucker. Still, a neat find and shows Darkfall has lots of interesting things to see and places to explore.

You can see a town in the first picture, this is a town who's inhabitants have been killed by the undead! It's an undead town! You can still see the lizard-on-a-stick left by it's original inhabitants.
Man I love lizard-on-a-stick. Ever since fallout, it's been my favorite meal.

Thanks for the warning o' skeletons! Oh, and you can see the giant crystal behind the sign! It's color is more natural in this light too, it was dusk in the previous picture.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Darkfall. You make it sound juicy and nice. It's a shame they don't have a free trial, I'm sure some people (like, err, me) would like to see the game first hand instead of relying on rumors and bad publicity to form their opinion.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thanks for the comment Ramon. I won't lie and say Darkfall is the perfect game.

And if you haven't noticed from my previous blogs, I tend to speak highly of whatever game it is I'm playing at the moment.

I would encourage you to try Darkfall, but if you are still on the fence, why don't you watch some videos? Videos, while not being as nice or pretty as my pictures, would show you the real gameplay etc.

Darkfall is not for everyone, but it's very indie and very awesome. If your interested in something different try DF.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks, that's what I've been doing :) But the videos of frantic mass-murdering in large PvP battles give me a headache and nausea if the player is swinging his view around like a nunchuk.

I will definitely watch your new video, maybe not everyone's control style is so centrifugal.

I like Shards of Dalaya very much, it keeps the elements of EQ that made EQ one tough game, but it removes many of the elements that were merely frustrating. I can imagine liking Darkfall if they are hardcore in the good way as well.

Visperas said...

Ramon, you gotta try it. It is really awesome!