Sunday, September 7, 2008

Abdul Alhazred

I love making new characters in Lineage 2. I'm not sure why I haven't become sick of it yet, but I think there is just something about the newbie areas that I actually like quite a bit.

Well anyways, one of my favorite newbie places is the Orc starting area. You start of next to that incredible rotating head and fire all around you. Then you run outside and see the amazing architecture and design of the Orc village.

AbdulAlhazred is born into the world!

A beautiful day to go adventuring.

The Orc Village.

One tends to run a lot in Lineage 2.

Wow that was fast, I'm already at level 70!

I love to kill Demons.

All creatures bow to me in the end!

I found some very interesting statues... probably carved by the Orc's Ancestors.

(This is on the top of a very large mountain) See? This is why I love the Orc starting area!

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