Friday, September 19, 2008

Pirate Raid Boss Killin'

Raiding is a common activity in Lineage 2. While it is not the easiest game to find groups, mechanically, it is easy to find them because of how necessary they are. OK I doubt I made much sense there. What I mean is, in Lineage 2 you need to shout in towns to find a party for a raid boss or anything else. There is a LFG tool, but it is seldom used. (It's a bit clunky and can show enemies where you are) Yet, because grouping is so vital and important in Lineage 2, groups are easy to find. So it's not uncommon, especially at the lower levels, to randomly find a raid to kill one or more raid bosses. Sometimes this ends in failure, other times, it goes pretty good!

First there is the essential buffing process...

Here he is! Ugly, I know.

Alright, time to cut 'im down!

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