Monday, September 22, 2008

Bot Killing With CowNoseTheElf

The one thing I hate most while leveling is seeing a bot. Well, that's actually not true. It's not that I like bots, just that I try to not let them get to me. I do enjoy, however, killing bots! It's fun to mess with them... and sometimes the owners come on and mess with you back if they are nearby their computer. It sort of reminds me of back in the day when I first started playing Lineage 2, the "Americans" (though they were probably from different countries) would go into a dungeon and fight the Koreans for control of the dungeon. In the beginning of Lineage 2 there was still a lot of Adena selling and all that stuff, however instead of bots it was real live (hehe) Koreans doing the farming.

First one...

Then the other...

Now it's time to work off my karma!

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