Friday, September 12, 2008

Some More EG Fun

EG, if you don't know, stands for Execution Grounds. The Execution Grounds are one of my favorite areas in Lineage 2. They used to be (and still are) one of the most likely places to run into a PK. I have been PKed, and PKed, a number of times here in EG. The monsters here are easy to kill and quick to level up on. The rewards are pretty good, you can get some D grade pretty easily. EG has a nice progression of monsters to level up on too, another reason why it is a good place to level up. (And why you often run into a lot of other people doing the same thing as you)

Death comes easy in the Execution Grounds. Especially to monsters.

I love this place!

Oh just another picture of a monster.

Alright, I think this is a really beautiful picture. Check out that sunset, and that view!

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