Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yay, I got CowNoseTheElf D grade!

Actually, it's just CowNoseTheKitty's armor, and weapon. But hey, that's why investing in good equipment is worth it! You never know when you will use it next, and it often comes in handy more then once. (This especially goes for weapons in Lineage 2) Anyways, here she is decked out in her Manti with her awesome dagger!

Yay, nice shot!

Of course, I have to go test out my new gear!

I really like this picture...

For some reason this dwarf started messing with me. (Actually, he tried to pick up my drops and I killed him) But... wait a second, who is that in the background? That's right, I made another new character! You actually saw him yesterday for the first time! His name is CaptainBeefheart and he is going to be my Prophet. I like Abdul, but I want to try out a Prophet.

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