Monday, January 15, 2007

D grade!

Yes! I finally got D grade today. ^^ I have been saving up things to sell with my other characters, and last night all the deals I had planned went though. So I was able to go on a spending spree and fully equip ChewToastOnce with a weapon and jewelry.I also had some extra EWD lying around. I don't think the glow is bright enough though, so I'm going to try and enchant it more. Phew I don't know how I feel about enchanting. I want to have a nice over enchanted weapon , but how would I feel if it breaks? I'm thinking about getting another dagger and enchanting the both of them... and just increase both of them as high as I can. Mabye that a is silly waste of money I don't know. :DEager to try out my new gear I buy some of my Rouge skills and head out into the wilderness to kill some monsters for more SP.*ding* As I hunt I level up to 21. ^^ The Execution Grounds have always been a favorite zone of mine. The mobs are great looking and I have fond memories of leveling many characters there. :) One of my goals is exploring places I havn't been in Lineage 2 with this character. So I won't just be grinding the same old spots this time, I will be exploring the landscape.
I came across this guy right outside Dion. He was hunting monsters and looked like he was really low on mana... I'm not sure what kind of armor he had but it probably wasn't very good either. I watched for a bit, then when he walked over next to me... I attacked! It might not have been the best tactic, but it worked because in a few hits I killed him. Perhaps next time I will be sneakier. But what could I really do? He was right outside the Dion town gates.. I literally killed him in board daylight.
->MANIMAL: Night; and once again,
->MANIMAL: the while I wait for you, cold wind
->MANIMAL: turn to rain

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