Saturday, January 13, 2007

Say Hello to CowNoseTheCat!

Hi everyone! Wow, I can't believe its been a whole week since my last blog! I have been busy with work and school lately. I really am starting to become a weekend warrior. Is that a good, or a bad thing? I'm not really sure. I think it's a good thing. I just have to keep thinking about how I could be grinding mobs for XP and Adena, or grinding sandwiches for real-life cash.

I'm not getting discouraged however, because I still feel that no matter how much or how little I do in Lineage 2 I'm still making progress towards the next goal. Some games I hit a wall and start over. That happens a lot to me actually. I think I am something of a perma-noob. I have never ever made it to a max level in an MMO! I sometimes wonder what end-game stuff I'm missing, as in a lot of games the endgame is a whole other level of game play. Okay RL stuff aside lets get in-game. :)
Well, this is my main character CowNoseTheCat. I have played this character since the begining, and she was the first character I made on the Deviant Realms server. I think it's been about four months now and she is an impressive level 62. I sometimes look at other peoples levels and feel like it could be higher, but then I think about how much time I have spent on this character and how well equipped she is and I feel good. Dwarves level slow anyways. :P

Gosh there is just so much that has happened on this character that I could never sum it all up. I think the hardest thing I ever did was I soloed in a Catacomb for AA (ancient adena, you can use it to buy special items and upgrade your weapons). I spent about a week in that damn cata playing almost 6-8hrs a day! But finally I got enough money to upgrade my War Axe to the Yaksa Mace you see above. It's a fine weapon, and it has lasted me well into level 62. Only now it is starting to become a bit inadequate. At 62 I can wear A grade gear, and the Yaksa is a C grade weapon. Thats a whole two grades lower, so it's impressive how well it has kept up!

Today I decided to try fishing for the first time. I saw that my clanmate Snowmann was on, so I asked him to help teach me how to fish. He is a master angler, so I knew I was in good hands.
I got my pole and Snowmann and I went out to a secret fishing spot. He showed me a few tricks and I was ready to go! I cast my first lure and...
I got a fish! Yay! :D I love fishing! So I fish and I fish catching as many as I can. I can trade the loot I get from fishing to: expand my inventory, expand the amount of buy/sell slots I have, and craft other cool things like greater healing pots and accessories. (don't ask me how, I have no idea how fish can do these amazing things) Oh no!! A monster popped out of the water and attacked me! It wasn't much of a problem killing it... but the damn thing made my head all big! What the? I do have a cute head, but this is ridiculous. Well that's it for todays blog. :) I can't wait till the next one!

PS: As you can see instead of just shrinking a whole screenshot and pasting it I have learned how to crop images. I think this is a better way to show things, but it might have less of a "big picture".

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