Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Important to me, probally not to you.

Ah, what a fantastic day today! I have been wanting to post for a few days now but I have been having major computer problems. Don't you hate technical difficulties? I have always been the type of person who just wants things to work and when something doesn't it gets me really frustrated. Well the technical problems where my mouse was going insane it would click everyone on the screen, freeze, etc. I replaced the mouse with a new one and everything seems to be working fine now! :D Well yeah like I said important to me, probably not to you, so onto the updates. ;)

Well due to the mouse problems I havn't been doing a whole lot of player-killing or adventuring as of late. My time has mostly been spent just grinding for SoP. I've found that SoP prices and demand has skyrocketed on the Deviant Realms server. When I first started playing they would sell for about 10k but now they sell for as much as 30k!! So I set up a thread so people can buy or trade things for SoP.With said SoP trades I got a bunch of Enchant Weapon D grade and Enchant Armor D grade for ChewToastOnce. I enchanted a few more pieces of armor to +3 and then tried to enchant my second maingauche to +4.
*cries* I know, it hurts. I was going to go out and kill someone to celebrate the over-enchanting of this weapon but I am not seeing as it didn't work. That's just not a good omen. I'm not too sad though because I still have the first dagger! I think this is a great plus to my chanting system, when you break something it's not the end of the world because you got the same weapon to fall back on. It will take alot more money to do... but that's all right.

And the really exciting news is: I resubscribed to EverQuest 2! I think I was getting a bit bored with Lineage 2. I missed the world of Norrath, EverQuest 2 has been an on and off joy for me the past few years. It's really a very fun game. I think I quit because I love to try new things and see new worlds, but I think this time I'm going to stick with EQ2 a bit longer. Perhaps I will even see level 70! Ah those numbers sure look good. Haha I want to say so much and yet I want to post the screens so badly as well! All right, screens now, talk later.

I arrive in Qeynos. My armor fits.
Sword still looks sharp...I'm not sure if I am incredibly fond of this shield, but I do like the art on it.
I wanted to see if I coudl still craft... yup looks like I still got it! I made two levels in just over an hour, level 49 Provisioner! Almost up to tier 6 I think.

Well, those are all the screens of my character today... but I want to share with you a few that I found in my screenshot folder of EverQuest 2 days past:

My red armor obtained from the tricky Armor Quest. It's only level 20-30 armor, but it sure looks fantastic. A few newbs where so impressed that they thought I was a powerful warrior.

A nice view of the castle from the docks.I will never forget the great event Gank-A-Drunk! Gank-A-Drunk is exactly as it sounds, you get your character really smashed, then head out to find some Freeports to kill! I remember all of us dyeing horribly..

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