Saturday, January 20, 2007

First raid since the blog was started!

Today was a great day! For the first time in awhile I was able to go on some raids with my clan the FalseGods. We grouped up in our clan hall and set out to goddard to take out the first dragon we could find! We spot the dragon, and get ready to attack!
We slay the dragon with no complications thanks to our buffs and equipment. It drops a Dark Crystal Shield! Without delay the FG crew storms off thirsty for the next kill. We find one, in the Tower of Insolence. It's a ghost of some sort, with a crew of henchmen with it. We slay the ghost.. and it drops some Dark Crystal Leggings! Both of these armors are A grade, good stuff. I feel lucky to get these drops. :D I did get a screenshot, but it doesn't look that great so I'm not going to post it. I would rather just show you guys the good stuff then bog ya down with every little screenie I get. Except for the shots of me standing over someone's body. >:D I don't care how boring the SS is, I just like seeing my name red!

We search further for another boss to kill... and find one! In our eagerness we attack, and not all of us are fully buffed.
So the damn thing kills us. But! Not to be defeated, the FalseGods regroup and rebuff and are able to take it down on the second try. It doesn't drop anything of note, but I hope we learned a lesson. We kill a few more bosses, but then, when when we go to the Giants Cave we fight one of my favorite monster types!Scary isn't it! I used to hunt these things for EWB's, but now we are hunting for much better loot. We don't get anything special from it this time, but it was a great fight! Sadly some of our tanks die a few to many times to this boss. So we call it a night and go our separate ways.

In other news, I got a crapload of Enchant Armor D grade today for ChewToastOnce:Now almost every piece of armor (including jewelry!) I have is enchanted at +2! I didn't know if I should be focusing on enchanting my jewelry or my regular armor so I just enchanted both equally. You can also see I got a Blessed Scroll of Escape and another Maingauche! The BSOE will help me PKing because I can use it to instantly escape from battle if someone jumps me or if I'm about to die. These things will go a long way to keeping me from dropping any weapons or armor. The maingauche... well I'm not sure if spending my money this way is really wise but I'm going to try enchanting this dagger at the same rate as my other dagger. My reasoning is... If I can enchant both of them high enough I will be able to get one really high without fear of losing more then just a single +1. And if anyone kills me while I'm red and I happen to loose my dagger, well, I'll have a backup that I can fall onto.

I decided to have a bit of fun with ChewToastOnce to celebrate my acquisition of all the EAD. So I went out to find someone to kill. Right outside the gates I saw a warrior of some kind who's name was Nibba. I stalked her for a bit, and waited till she killed some mobs till I attacked. She must have been pretty well equiped, and a higher level, because she did not just go down for the count like I expected. Was it because she was wearing heavy armor? I'm not sure but we fought for almost two minutes and seemed evenly matched. Finally she was able to kill me with a lucky shot (my HP pot hadn't done its job yet) and I faced my first ever defeat. I'm not sad though, it was a good fight and I give her lots of respect for putting up the first real fight of this game.

The second person I attacked was a much cleaner kill. I went to the Ruins of Despair (a classic PKing location, and a classic leveling spot as well) to find someone to kill. Well, around the middle of it I saw a mage killing monsters and XPing. She was killing the Bugbear Warriors in less then two hits! So I knew I didn't really want to just run up and start whacking on her, for fear she could easily just blow me out of the sky in a few hits. So I found a good hiding spot and sat there, watching the mage. Eventually she must have ran out of mana or something because she started to SOE! I knew this was my last chance, so I ran out and was able to get one power move in and then when I hit her twice with my regular attack it cause a critical hit and she was dead in less than two seconds. Before they knew what was happening I ran off... to get rid of the karma I received.->Polydectes: Covered with the flowers,
->Polydectes: Instantly I'd like to die
->Polydectes: In this dream of ours!

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Kami said...

One thing i'll always say about lineage 2, is that it looks (especially the raid bosses) really really good!