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My adventures in killing -Lineage2-

Hi everyone. Well I have been playing a free lineage 2 server the past few months and I thought a ongoing blog of my adventurs in it would be fun. If this bores you please just don't read it! I am trying to PK people, so I should get some fun stories from this character. I'm not sure where this blog is going to go but needless to say I'm going to be sticking with the format of having lots of pictures and daily happenings. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs about what they have accomplished in there games, so I decided to try and do it myself. So this isn't an MMO commentary blog.. more of an ongoing story of Cow Nose the 50 pound cat in his various incarnations. This is a mega-post because I am converting a forum thread into this blog. so they won't be this huge in the future, but is bigger a bad thing? No, bigger is better!

The First Day
Originally posted on: Wed Dec 27, 2006

I make my character, I first try to take the boat to Gludin but I bought the wrong ticket so it kicked me off.

Ooh look! A pretty waterfall! I am out here on Talking Island the human starting town. I killed a few monsters and I have gained a few levels. I really am searching for someone to kill though...

Allright! I found someone to PK... I attacked him and he attacked me, but then he ran away. He is in light armor and is pretty fast... I can't catch up to him.

siCtir: Heh
siCtir: I can bet this isn't your 1st char
siCtir: mwahauha
siCtir: c'mon biotch
siCtir: mwahahaha
siCtir: c'mon get me lowlife

This guy is pretty smart... he is running away and trying to bait me. But I cannot run as fast as him, so I went back to the waterfall and tried to stick my ground. On one hand I was hoping to lead him into the territory of harder level mobs, but on the other I wanted him to just stick in one place and fight me.

siCtir: heh
siCtir: you ain't even worth the effort

Well here is where he runs away.. my first PK is a failure...

->siCtir: The crow has flown away:
->siCtir: swaying in the evening sun,
->siCtir: a leafless tree.
siCtir: Only the dead have seen the end of war, Plato.
siCtir: Comedy is a funny way of being serious.
siCtir: And
siCtir: Capitalization is
siCtir: The difference between helping your uncle JACK off a horse and helping your uncle jack...
siCtir: ... OFF a horse
siCtir: Stil, you'll never get me.
siCtir: 2nd chars never succed in trying to PK me boh
siCtir: I saw your name somewhere on forums, tho I can't recall where exactly, I should look closely
siCtir: to find out who your first char is

Hehe, that guy was pretty cool! Well this is where I logged off... I look forward to see where my adventures lead me next!

The Next Day
Originally posted on: Fri Dec 29, 2006

I started my adventure in the town of Talking Island.. nothing specil. I got outside to look for something fun to do! Maby someone to kill if I am lucky.

I kill a few mobs and wander around looking for someone. There was a mage in town that ran off.. but I can't find them. I see some ruins and decide to go in there, maby someone is there.

I kill some monsters in the ruins.. I see some gold on the floor, so someone was in here. I wander around hoping to find the person that left there gold here.

I get overwhelmed and killed by monsters in the ruins. :) Luckily I don't drop anything.. and the XP doesn't meen much.

I respawn in town and go to get some escape scrolls and get some new skills... when I go outside I wander around and stumble across a fighter! I hide behind some rocks, hoping they didn't see me.

I don't think they see me as they continue to kill monsters... I wait a little bit.. then pounce and attack!

I kill them easily, they must not have been high levle or had good armor. Wasn't much of a fight, but it was good. Then just as I turn to leave a guard attacks me and kills me in one hit.. good thing I didn't drop anything.

I then go into the wilderness (you respawn outside of town if you are red) and start to kill monsters to gain Karma back.. it didn't take too long this time to turn white, just a few monsters. But I hear the more you PK the more karma you gain when you kill someone, but for now it's not hard to turn white again after killing. I gain some more XP.. then I log, as I don't want to stick around for any high level alts that might want to come and attack me. I await another day, and more battles.

->panopticon: The crow has flown away:
->panopticon: swaying in the evening sun,
->panopticon: a leafless tree.

Second Kill
Originally posted on:
Sat Dec 30, 2006

I realize I have an hour before work starts... so I log onto my character to see if there happens to be anyone around to kill real quick. I don't really want to stick around for long after I kill them, so a short amount of time is to my advantage.

I wander around... kill a few monsters I come across, and go to an area I know mages like to hunt around, because of all the slow-moving rock beast things. I wander around... and then, I think I see someone standing around the same spot I was thinking of! So I hide behind a tree and watch them... I see them standing still for quite some time, so I think, maby they are AFK? An easy kill. So I go running towards them... and they disappear! Crap.. they are onto me, the logged out. But then I see a flash of a spell slightly off to the left, and I see my prey again. He probably sees me, but he is around a guard so I can't just attack him. So I give him some space and begin to kill a few monsters around me, so that I look like a regular player. My name is white, so he doesn't suspect anything. Then after he has used some more of his mana killing rock things... and gets away from the guards, I run and attack him!

I swing and begin to damage them.. but it's taking alot longer then the person I attacked before. They must be closer to my level. The person starts to run away, and they are a bit faster then me so I cannot hit them with my regular attack... but I can still stay up with them close enough to use my Power Swing. So they keep running (away from guards thankfully enough) and I keep using powerswing when it recharges. Then... they stop and fire one windstrike at me. The person turns purple too, which meens we are now in a PvP fight not just a straight up PK. It takes one more hit and then they are dead.
Andrial: hej
Andrial: Why?

->Andrial: A golden bug-
Andrial: beach
->Andrial: I hurl into the darkness
->Andrial: and feel the depths on night.

Andrial: stuptid gurl

Learning More
Originally posted on: Sat Dec 30, 2006

I have some free time so I feel like leveling my character up to 20 so I can do a class change quest to become more powerful. So I start out the day killing monsters as usual... nothing special till I run across my first victim of the day!

Doysaint: lvl?
An easy kill.. I think he was around my level, but his armor was much weaker so he went down pretty fast. I find it interesting how some people attack me at the last moment when they figure out things are happening. This turns there name purple which makes it a PvP fight. If I win I get a PvP point and no red name or anything like that if I kill them...
->Doysaint: In the cicadas cry.
->Doysaint: No sign can fortell
->Doysaint: How soon it must die.

What do you know! Running away from the last person, I find another player! This time they are killing werewolves and don't even have much time to respond to me running up and whacking on them.

Doysaint: lol
Doysaint: polka
->nurk: Clouds appear
->nurk: and bring to men a chance to rest

->nurk: from looking at the moon
nurk: what lvl r u?
Doystart: Men

Doystart: Man

nurk: hi

nurk: don't want to talk?

Doystart: lol


So I go to the elven ruins to get that XP I was tlaking about earlier, and I pop my head into a room and what do you know? Someone is in there! So I attack them and they start to run away.. but I can chase them just enough to hit them with my powerswing now that then. When they stop to talk to the gatekeeper to teleport out is when I finally hit the last blow.

Rostam: fuck you!
->Rostam: For love and for hate
->Rostam: I swat a fly and offer it
->Rostam: to an ant

I go deeper into the ruins to work off my Karma. At one point in time I look up and I see some real pretty dust falling down from an opening above...

I now have enough levels to start my class transfer quest. So I take the boat to gludin, (which takes a long ass time to get there...) and now I have started my class change quest. These quests are usually a pain, but some are much worse then others. The dwarf class change quest is a real pain in the ass... I think this one will not be to bad though. The hardest is at level 40 when you can change your class again. Those quests usually take forever to do.

A regular day
Originally posted on: Tue Jan 02, 2007

I start my adventure today in the town of gludin.. not to be confused with gludio or giran. Here is a nice shot of the town church. Church's are pretty big in the world of Lineage 2, definitely inspired by catholicism and old school Christianity.

I am here for my class change quest! I'm gunna be a rouge, which has a fast running speed (though human rouge is the slowest) and should be able to do damage really fast using a lot of mp up quickly. Perfect for a PvP/PK character. So I start my class change quest.. kill a few monsters to level up to 19, and then do my class change quest at 19. Amazingly it really wasn't very long or hard to do... way easier then the levle 40 class change quest! So I do the quest, and then I realise I need to be level 20 to change my class. So I return out into the wilderness to kill some mobs till I level up.

While I'm running along I see a dwarf. He is wearing a full set of Brig but I'm not sure what kind of weapon he has... I attack him, because I figure dwarfs don't have much in the way of attack power.

brilaut: fuck off

Unfortunately he was too heavily armored and my weapon was too weak... so it was really just a standstill. He could hit me and do some good damage, but we both had healing pots that healed us almost right away. I ran out of MP attacking him and he kept running away so I couldn't really get many good hits in... so I ended up just turning around and calling it a loss. Oh well! Next time. :)

So now I am level 20 and a rouge! ^^ Now it's time to get some D grade gear... which means this character will be on the back burner again, for now. Things are gunna start to get interesting... anything could happen on the main continent. On the human starting Island the place was pretty isolated and the only people you ran across where noobs (like me). But here... anyone could be anything! And after you kill them people have high level friends to come and hunt you down. :)

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