Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Captain Beefheart walks the land

Well things have been going well in the Nanaki server on SupremeL2. I have made a number of new characters.

Here is my second character (after CowNoseTheCat) he is called CaptainBeefheart. CaptainBeefheart is the name of my favorite musician. His band was called CaptainBeefheart and His Magic Band! He is a very... underground? Weirdo? I'm not sure how to describe his music, but whatever it is it is awesome. Anyways so I thought about what kind of class would Captain Beefheart be and so I made my character a wizard. He has a beard kind of like Beefheart and is just as stylish. The picture above is my friend Jak and I sitting down for a break, behind us you can see the Ruins of Despair south of Gludio.

Not long after I made the Captain I got my first PvP point. This guy just came out and attacked me! Oh well, his loss hehe! I think I am really liking this server much better then DeviantRealms. The players names are absolutely horrible, and seems like everyone is an idiot, but the pvp is everywhere! This is definitely a PvP server.

After playing Beefheart to level 25 or so and getting some of his Wizard spells I have decided that I think I'm not going to play him. I'll not delete him just so I can keep the name in case I want to use the name again but mages are just not my thing. It's not even a Lineage 2 thing. Every MMO I play I always try out the mage class and I never get into them. Oh well, was worth a try! So you likely will not see CaptainBeefheart again.

PS: If you have not listened to Captain Beefheart go out and listen! And if you don't like it at first (because it is really weird) listen again, and then listen a few more times after that, you will start to see his genius and it really grows on you.


ravic said...

hey it's me, just wanted to say (since I don't feel like signing up to the forums on SL2) that SL2 really doesn't look like the server for me based on how you described in this post. PvP everywhere? idiots in the forums? dumbass names and dumbasses playing? nah, sounds like every other server out there. The one saving grace was that you mentioned DR players went on and Elayhim was there...

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Yup its pretty much true. But I'm trying to find good people, I believe they are out there!

Oh and redon is playing there too! I'm sure you remember him. :)

ravic said...

wow redon is playing too?

Maybe I'm just a carebare server lover at heart...but maybe I'll join just for old times sake heh.

TBTSan said...

"Hot-shots" from almost all servers went to Supreme to check new wonders of C5, so no wander why this server is so crouded.
I'm playing in BFD: Eternal (x5) [server live from 2006 AUG] and we also saw some drop in players.

And difference in mentality can be seen even in our BFD two servers: in (x5)server in Giran shouting rarely you could see a swearing, and in (x100)server you could not make a screenshot without it.