Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Interesting thing happend in EVE

Well, I didn't think I would get any content from EVE. I mean its just such a different game I wasn't sure if I was going to have anything to blog about. It's not like I can just go to some new area and take some pictures to show you guys. Well the other day I was just sitting in my asteroid belt doing some mining like I usually do when I saw some really interesting things go down.

I'm not really sure what happened but I'll do my best to explain what went on.

First I saw this rather large group of ships warp into the belt... some of them had low security ratings but not all of them. Then most of the ships warped off and left two of them in the belt.
I know the screens aren't very good but I did the best I could. I think I can get better ones in the future, I'm still learning the camera system and the action was so fast I had to be quick.

Well anyways, continuing the story. After the rest of the gang warped off, one of the pirates went over and floated by this rook(I think, not sure what ship it was) and then stole his can... but instead of flying off with the rooks minerals it just sat there.See the puff of smoke around the can? This is not the rook's can, I think this is the pirates. I'm not sure why he would jettison a.. replacement can?

Regardless... I DO know what he was doing... baiting the rook into attacking him! And attack him he did. A really cool battle happened.I know you can't really see them fighting, but I think that grey smoke is the rook getting hit by a missile and the rook was hitting the other ship with its drones. Obviously the pirate was an experienced player while the Rook was a n00b...If you look carefully in this picture you can see the smoking wreckage of the rook to the upper left of the... other ship. (I don't know what it's called XD)

But then when I thought it was all over something else very strange happened! Another ship warped into the belt, and began to attack the pirate! Is it the same pilot in a different ship? Or perhaps a corpmate?

The battle that ensued was very colorful and I'm sure it was exciting for both pilots involved.
Yay blinky lights! I have no idea what is happening here, if someone can explain what those little dots of light are?
Then like this glowy stuff started shooting out. Is this that stuff that drains your capacitor? I don't think its a damage thing I think its like a debuff. You can also see a missile exploding off the other ship.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the explosions of either ship. My cameras where positioned in a way where my view was orbiting the non-pirate ships. When they exploded the camera instantly zipped back to being centered around my ship, disorienting me and causing me to miss the big explosion. :( Next time I'll get some much better pictures.

Oh yeah, so uhm this ship that attacked the pirate died too. Too bad! But it was fun for me to watch and I bet fun for all those who fought.

The pirate then came over to me... and stole 100 ammo from my can. :P I had allready moved my ore out of the belt long ago... I wasn't about to attack the guy so he could not kill me or the NPC cops would vaporize him.

All said and done it was an exciting day and gives me hope that EVE will bring more blogging material then I thought.


Jacob said...

The first ship that got attacked was a Rupture, and the attacking ship was a Stabber. The one that attacked the Stabber was a Thrasher.

The dots of light are missiles exploding I'd think, and the orange thing was a nosferatu, which does drain cap.

Heartless_ said...

But what security space were you in? May have been a corp war dec?

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

@jacob: Yeah I think your right now that I look at it again, the dots of light are a missile exploding but I'm just zoomed in on the ship so they look kind of crazy.

@heartless: I was only in .8 space which makes it even more interesting. Could have been corp war... didn't seem like it though, seemed more like random stuff to me. Like the pirates didn't know who was there and just messed with those who where.

Jacob said...

probably can flagging, since you mentioned that they stole from the cans.