Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Allright, I got my Retriever! Check it out, this is a picture of it in my station. Note it has gears, and flames, and looks like it can mine a ton. And believe me it can definitly mine a ton! I never knew barges would mine so much more then my crappy ol' frigate. XDYou can see one of the strip miners on the top of the ship (the little ball looking thing). They look kind funny but oooh man is it sweet to mine in. On my frigate the vindictus I would get about 2k ore every 60 seconds, now I get 12k ore every 120 seconds!!! That is HUGE I knew mining barges where good but I didn't realize exactly how gimped I was. :PHere is a shot of it mining, notice that big stream of ore around the laser. Now the laser is fatter and has that puff of ore being sucked into the barge.

One interesting note is I thought I would be able to AFK easier with my mining barge, and this is true due to the 120 second cycle instead of 60 seconds. However after just two cycles of my mining lasers my barge's cargo space (which is a lot bigger then the frigate of course) is full. This means I still have to use a jetcan to mine just like when I was flying my frig.

Except now I have my second account to haul for me at the same time of my mining. :) I am "popping roids" sooo fast now. I haven't sold any of the ore I mined yet but I bet I will be making much more cash.


Max said...

Congrads on new ship !

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thanks max!

Anonymous said...

Well...a late welcome to the great Eve universe and a big congrats to your new ship. Looks like you have a great set up with your hauling alt. May your ore always flow plentiful,

With best regards.

Elaynith deVries

Kallei said...

Grats on the Retriever, just wait till you hop into a hulk =]

You can be mining up to 1750m3 of ore per laser per cycle.


You might wanna hop into an Iteron 5 with t2 expanders and a rig to get 27500m3 of hauling capacity =]

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

@kallei Yup, thanks for your comment! That's what I plan on doing, training my second account to be an itty 5! I didn't think of rigs, I'll have to look into that. 2nd account just hit itty 4 yesterday. :3

Anonymous said...

Hey Kitty,

Gratz on your new ship! It's an investment that will pay back in no time. If you have a lot of ore saved up, I can refine it for ya & corp can help haul it for sale to some good buy orders, or setup sell orders of your own?

You should see the sights & move out of lizardville sometimes, join us on some mining ops too, we mined out an entire belt today :) 2 Hulks, Exerquror, Eos + mining links, Sol's betsie hauling. Was good fun.


Heartless_ said...

When are you going to get to some Ice mining?

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

I'm not really interested in ice mining.