Tuesday, October 23, 2007

*sigh* Goodbye L2, again!

Well, it seems every few months I'm switching MMOs. I guess that's how it has always been for me, thats why I kind of think of myself as a "perma-noob". I think its because I honestly enjoy being a noob. It's not even that I must play the newest shiniest MMOs (although that is often true) sometimes I will leave a new one for an old one.

Well, in Lineage 2 I had made this clan called KTULU. It really chokes me up leaving L2, but I'll say what I can. KTULU was a cult, we role-played, and we killed. Killed lots. :) I had two regular members that I would go and PK some noobs with. Times where good!

But... Lineage 2 just takes too much time out of real-life and I need to focus on school and my studies. I'm not quitting MMOs thats for sure! But Lineage 2 just isn't the right game for me now and the kind of life I want to have.

I know some people could easily balance the two (real-life and the game) but I just can't. Lineage 2 is just way too addicting! Especially since I know what it takes to really do well in the game.

So I'm heading back to EVE. :)

Dwarf PvP is the best!
They came back for more!
Sacrifice! Sacrifice!
I want a tattoo like that. :)


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Professer said...

Yes, sad to hear you leave. Had some good times in KTULU. Maybe we can RP PK in the next MMO to come out, Aion perhaps?

Hope to talk to you soon ^_^