Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yeah... I know.... but what can I do? I started playing L2 again!

I am definitly addicted. XD So when Deviant Realms shut down and I heard everyone was moving over to SupremeL2 I decided to check it out. Turns out they had a new 15x server that was going to start brand new! Now seemed to be the perfect time to start playing again, tottaly new server and all.
Look how many people there are in the starting area? XD That's like... half of Deviant Realm's starting population right there.And when I went to go get some newbie buffs I was just like, "omg!" That poor newbie buffer is getting raped! Some people where even screaming, "I'm stuck, move so I can get out!!"
Grabbing my newbie weapon I head off for some adventure.
If you have looked at my very first blogs (the really bad ones) you might remember these waterfalls.When I went into this dungeon to kill some stuff with my friend I saw this huge line of people all waiting for... something? I can't tell if its some quest monster or a raidboss they are waiting for.And after some time has passed, here you can see me killing a Stakato in the Cruma Tower region. :)

It's been fun so far playing on a new server. Will I stick with it? I'm not sure, I think I just might. I sure do switch MMOs way too much!


ravic said...

Please respond, anyone. When did Deviant Realms shut down? How can I contact Aoshi (the admin)? If anyone has any info, please respond. Thank you very much.

ravic said...

Sorry to double post, but 50 pound cat, I recognize you from DR. Perhaps you don't remember me, it's been many months since I played - I'm indlovu, a.k.a. the guy who donated a shit load of money to keep the server running. Any info you can give me would be great.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Aoshi... is pretty much unreachable now. Before you could only talk to him on the forums, but now that those are gone that way is closed. The deviant realms IRC is still up, but he is never in there but you might find some help if you need to contact him.

Its in efnet and #deviantl2

I donated $100's of dollars to DR too... I know how it feels.

RIP DR. *cries*

ravic said...

Thank you very much for responding, and so promptly. I'll try the irc channel, thanks for reminding me what it was.

What really hurts is the fact that I wasn't there for the final days/weeks...that's what hurts. Being there since the beginning, but not being there at the end... :( When did it shut down?

ravic said...

Also, thanks for answering my questions, and putting me back in the loop - just wanted to ask something else as well:

You mention that a lot of the DR players went to supremeL2 - how many? did the mods go as well (rabbit etc). I feel like signing up to the forums just to see how many DR players are there. Thanks in advance for answering - I"m out for the night, I'll look here again tomorrow morning.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thats the worst part... I actually had to search really hard for those little bits of DR ending that I had, that one picture. I didn't even take that picture.

From the way I heard it... one particular part died and was gunna cost a bunch of money to fix so aoshi just shot it down because he was allready like $300 behind donations and I guess server just shut down within an hour.... no huge end of the world type event the thing just shut down in an hour. Very disappointing.

I think most of the players that moved are playing on the 5x rate server, but I'm playing on the 15x rate server because I don't feel like playing lower rate again. :) 15x is like... not too high but not too low either. (not like 200x or something crazy like that)

I know for a fact that a lot of the mods on DR are on SL2. Do you remember Elayhim? He was the lead developer for the client that DR played on. DR was one of the best private L2 servers out there that was stable (not that L2J buggy stuff) because of elayhim and his development team.

Well, elayhim did not develop for just DR he develops for 3 servers. Not more then that, just 3. And SL2 is one of those servers. So... I have great hopes for it and it better not shut down like DR did!

All ready though I'm amazed by how many people are playing, buutttt thats how it is on any brand-new server.

SL2 forums are crap though... just look at one post there and you will see the community is much worse then DR. I miss DR community very much. But, more people to pwn right? Thats why I started my own guild, to find the good players and kick the ass of all these idiots that are on this server. We'll see how it works out, especially since we are a light roleplaying guild. :)

But hey... there is nothing better then getting your butt whupped by an RP guild.

ravic said...

It's sad to hear that it was a very anti-climatic ending. I sure do remember Elayhim. He did a lot of work the server. I'm not surprised that the forum community is crap - DR was kinda special in that way, a higher population virtually guarantees more idiots.

It's been a long time since I played any MMORPG, or even RPG. I just feel no draw towards them anymore, probably because of the lack of time. But on a 15x server, I could probably gain xp pretty quickly, although I don't think any server out there could be as stable as DR. You're tempting me, lol.

Well, thank you once again for all the info you've supplied - I'll keep checking in here. Also, are you using "cow nose the 50 pound cat" as your user name on the SL2 server?

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

I have a few characters,
AbdulAlhazred - BladeDancer
ChewToastOnce - Crafter
CowNoseTheKitty - Spoiler