Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NaNoWriMo is almost here!

National Writing Month is almost uppon us! :) NaNoWriMo is when thousands (well I hope its thousands, that's actually just a guess) of people write a 50,000 word book in a single month. Thats the goal anyway. I have played the game for the past three years, and have failed each time. But this year I'm going to try again and this time I am going to WIN!!!

So, I would encourage any of you guys out there that like to write to participate, it's a great literary exercise. (It's more about quantity, then quality, if you nitpick you are never gunna make it.) Another big challenge of the game is plot. It's actually not hard to write the recommended 7,500 words a day until about halfway through you realize you ran out of plot!

What I'm saying is next month you guys might not see any blogs at all. ^^ Or perhaps just a few small ones, we'll see. November is a month for me to step away from the TV the video games, and even the friends, and just get my writing cap on. I try to not write about RL in this blog but this isn't really RL is it?

In the meantime I do have two EVE pictures to share. Here you have my barge doing with it does best, mine. and there is some other fancy looking ship that just jacked my ore. XDMy second account finished training for the Itty V! Now I can haul with the best of them! Unless I get a freighter that is. :P


brent said...

I wish you good luck on your writing. That is big undertaking and I'm always tempted to go for it, but... not this year.


Heartless_ said...

Interesting challenge. I've never heard of it before, but may have to give er a spin to see what I can come up with.

I may just have to some extra time as I can't dedicate any time to writing on some days. And plot always comes easy for me when I write a good character.