Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fresh Water

If you don't remember, Shartak is a jungle adventure MMO you can play in your browser. Here I am at the river by the shipwreck getting some water for the adventure ahead.

In the days ahead I plan to continue my exploration of the island. Here, let me show you my map.

As you can see, I spent the last few weeks swimming the west coast of Shartak. I was unfortunately attacked by a shark somewhere around the southern part of the island. Injured but not dead I managed to make my way to York but unfortunately before I was able to get healing a hostile outsider killed me.

Thankfully, the native shamans here on the island weild incredibal powers. They have the ability to draw your soul back to your body and return you to life. That is why I am now back in the NE part of the Island.

This time I plan to try and swim the east coast of the island. I will keep you update on my progress in the days ahead.

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