Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Fun in Catacombs

It all started out as a normal dungeon crawl. Well more like normal dungeon camp, because that is what you do in the Catacombs sprinkled throughout the Lineage 2 landscape. Find a room, and camp it!

Looking down into the bloody water... I know the entrance to the catacomb is down at the bottom somewhere, but dare I dive in? Of course!

Once inside, I start killing things like usual!

Except... this team of bots decided to attack me! Well, actually, I attacked them. But they decided to fight back. It's always fun fighting these guys, especially when I win and kill them all.

Only later, a high level Tyrant came for me! He wanted revenge for my killing of his bot team. Thankfully a high level player helped me out and killed the guy for me.

So, I resurrect our fallen comrade Captain Beefheart and continue the adventure.

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max4242 said...

You havent been on xfire in like a week? new job or something?