Monday, November 10, 2008

Silver Moon

Finding the right clan in Lineage 2 is difficult. There are a lot of PvP clans out there, a lot of clans that are only looking for high level characters, and a lot of botter clans. Oh, and there are a lot of clans that are newbie start-up clans that can be awesome but are kind of hit-and-miss, sometimes they don't have the best orginization or leadership.

So when I found SilverMoon I was pretty happy.

SilverMoon isn't the perfect clan for me and I'll get into why, but I have been making an effort to fit in because I like the people in the clan and it's nice to have a place to call home.

SilverMoon doesn't do clan wars or PvP, it's a 100% carebear clan. And that's fine. Because really, if you look at what I actually spend my time doing in Lineage it is 90% carebear and 10% PvP.

So in joining SilverMoon I had to lay down the sword and stop PKing people. However, a member explained to me that if you PK too many people you can get on the bad side of the big clans and they can make it very difficult for you to level in the end game.

Basically SilverMoon tries to play it nice and not make any enemies. This is why I like Lineage 2's PvP! I would like to see Warhammer have such a level of politics and intrigue. (That is why to me Lineage 2's PvP is more "real" while Warhammer's is more of a "game")

Anyways, that said, say hello to our wonderfull leader Hunie!

I also ran into SyntesizeR in giran. Grats on getting hero!

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