Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hunting around Death Pass

Hunting in Death Pass, the grass surrounding me.

When wandering closer to Dragon Valley I ran upon this person with the cutest name! LostKitten. Now is that just so sad and sweet at the same time?

Lost kitten showed me her pig transformation. You get it from buying the Lineage 2 4th Anniversary Edition box.

Where am I though? And what are those things? Well, I don't know what these are, but what you see is the entrance to the Lair of Anthras. Anthras is the fire dragon. This place is much too high level for me, but I think it's great how sometimes low and high level areas are mixed. There are only a few other places that are like this, the other that springs to mind is the Catacombs in the newbie Dark Elf area. Those are level 60+ dungeons in an area designed for a level 15! Indeed writing this it starts to seem like maybe that was a bad thing to do, indeed it was confusing as a lower level character to see all these high level people in my newbie city, but on the plus side it gives you a chance to get a look at the higher level armor.

Action pose!


Luan said...

Nice blog! I found it in the L2 boards.
Pretty nice histories you have here.. I got the RSS feed and I'll be following your posts ><

btw this is Lucyus from L2 boards.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

W00t awesome Lucyus! Hehe thats great, and it's great to have you onboard. Yeah this is my little corner of cyberspace! Well thanks for coming, it's always nice to have someone reading.

Be warned there is a deluge of Warhammer posts coming, I got a bit behind playing WAR and so my blog posts are a bit behind when the happened. But I'm playing L2 again and after the WAR posts there will be modern stuff!! Well anyways you'll see as now your getting the feed...

Haha anyways I'm just rambling, ttfn!