Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rockin' Out The Forest of Mirrors

The adventure I'm going to take you on has some amazing screenshots. Really, they are some of the best I've taken. That's really credit to the designers of Lineage 2 who have created a truly beautiful game.

This right here is probably one of the best I've ever taken. Really, amazing. I had no idea Lineage could make a forest like this. I have taken a lot of great screens over the years, but this one is really special!

Continuing our adventure deeper into the forest...

This shot is more to point out the light coming from the ceiling of the forest. Another great effect that I had never noticed before, and you can only see it at night.

The Captain and I came across this interesting statue... a lizardmen relic? Or something left over from an age past?

All lizardmen must die!

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brenda said...

Beautiful pictures!